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"You make me feel like dancing." An interlude and lecture from the unwed mother's dance symposium.

Dylan Thomas wrote that a person should not "go gently into that milquetoast precedence's ass."  Indeed, in my days, I marvelled not that W sat a full 8 inches taller in the saddle because I had both a Gateway and a Systemax wedged ungently in his buttocks. During the obligatory Democratic response, Tom Daschell sat a bit taller, of which the pundits thought he might have looked, without the smell of cat piss and his World War II library, more than a bit Presidential. We know what that means, a man of no consequence and less report: such is the sort that sit on the tips of tongues, and an old man can be a lame duck and not realize it, not want to admit it even to himself. *I'll slap the coldmoor fuck out of anyone that disrespects Jimmy Johnson. My great Grandpa and his wife. And his children. Once walked nearly ten miles one-way to eat a dinner of beans, then maybe pick wild fruits from the roadside. They had a silver dollar they carried around in pocket until it was

Speculumization of Wisdomings of the Aged.

Aurelius postulated, pagan that he was, that the universe had no guiding rational principle, but perhaps, maybe a loose cadre of energized Democrats, whereas Epictetus, also the pagan, believed in a singular "just" ruling principle, ala monotheism, echoing the underground Christian church that would come into being soon thereafter. Of my own, I face thereafter judgement like anyone, without that guiding star, and have in essence unconsciously circumvented control machinations to become "the voice of my own private deity". However, that said... I will, left to my own devices, eventually come under the once-and-eternally-binding judgment of Yahweh. I had a moment.  What do I care for, and do I nurture only what nourishes me?  Do I nurture the things that I care for, but bear me no propitious interest in any particular visible way?  That means, would I be beneficent or benevolent in instances where there is no benefit to me, whatsoever? Only I decide what I care about,