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The same resources that post here also are responsible for the contact on where we post verse memes and other content, including the BibleGateway Verse of the Day when it seems to really stand out.

Other weird stuff:

A number of productivity and financial planning spreadsheets are available in our old Calabra Data page on Gumroad.  

See the spreadsheets here.

There is a personal wage tracker.

A tithe tracker.

A social media engagement calendar for webmasters and memelords.

and a few others.

These work in Excel, Google Sheets and Calc, but were created in Google Sheets, and there is no explicit requirement to have a software subscription to access the sheets.

Personal finance is an area where anyone at all could benefit from more planning and forethought put into spending, whether it be on entertainment, utilities, or transportation.

near the end of autumn in the southeast.

This time of year in the southeastern United States has these mid-morning thaws, in which a thin veneer of overnight or early morning frost ...