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Dazzling collection of phenomena/theory of relativity.

"These are the men who have shook the world..."  -Acts 17(paraphrase)

Hit 'em with the ole Razzle Dazzle, this one says, no time to formulate a coherent argument against, no time do anything but bat their pretty little eyelashes, still perhaps half-ensnared of former daydreams of butterflies and lily pads.

Life 'tis but a collection of these phenomena, arranged in no particular meaningful sequence; if it set a cogent pattern, we would perhaps then complain of its intention, pick holes in it, and find so many dialectics that befuddle the narrative: such as it is, "it is what it is", and begs not acceptance, for we had already taken it up, prior, and contributed to the random little geode.

What just happened?

Look what God did to us, man.

We're gonna enhance productivity; find something for your hands to do.

I woke up from a dream, surprised to find I was in the bathroom.  In my dream, I had my back to the road, peeing in the bushes.  In reality, it was like crepiscular elongated time, that kind of silence, like time travel, but in reverse, time magnified such that the clack of my razor on the porcelain last 10-25 seconds.  I was amazed that such a seemingly long nap that stiffened my joints had only transpired in a mere five minutes.


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A productivity hack: the doctrine of water, or "a few minutes every day".

The plant care paradigm is something that hit-home to me.  We hear so much of exercise, "just a few minutes a day", and we never get started, or we started for a few days or two weeks, and then its over, but yet some of us practice this "few minutes a day" in other respects. Drinking macchiato(few minutes a day) watching local news(few minutes a day) brushing teeth, manscaping(few minutes a day) OR yet as the example resonated with me was plant care.  Various years, various iterations of my yard and property, I've had plant areas, small gardens, and such. During the growing season, a spot of water now and then adds up to sometimes a healthy specimen of plant: what if we applied the same care paradigm to our exercise?  Does it, to you, like me, make it seem more feasible to achieve some negligible exercise results? a Wisteria bonsai, presumably mature.   For exercise, they'll say 30 minutes. 20 minutes. Or just fifteen minutes. what if it was less?  A stretch

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Underneath the shelter where the snowflakes fall like rain... Seed your love and reap the girlwind. So.  Its Halloween season again, and genius cable executives book the actual Halloween films, while some yet book Friday the 13th.  I caught a brief glimpse of the Last House remake the other day, with Monica Potter being just a shade too sexy to play a mum, but I watched anyway, and the man was like, "I'm easy."  And I said, they obviously worked on this script a while. It's like rubbing Ivermectin on your private parts, below the beltline. Anyway, its been a tradition that I would happen upon Friday the 13th sometime on Oct 31, but its already been on, on the 27th, and now I wonder.  I was finding it on AMC, but they did it early this year, like a run-up to the season.  I hope they dont have a Walking Dead thing planned, cause that's just a soap opera with some top notch zombie stuff thrown in.  George said it was a soap opera, and I new it, it was more about nast

Post Supermoon Journal.

Dignity and solemnity, hath a life, dignity and solemnity, myself of the sub-sunrise false-dawn quietude running a string trimmer, pondering doing a comedy routine, sacrificing my mind to varying threads, threads of varying length and substance. Thanks in part to caffeine and deranged thinking, I yield up to strange dreams for a few days, and digestive kerfluffle thanks to eating a candy bar, which does me no good, though I love it so.  In the same way one might have a binge of something, a great glut, I had Cruellers, a cookie dough and strawberry dessert and some other, to wit, the candy bar.  It took unto me a bit of malaise to have weeks in treats in only a few days time. I was due in no part to meditate on malaise, not a malaise on my own making, but a hard instant resolve to never have that again, aversion and avoidance then, in the face of moderation. Strange dreams opposite the Aug 13 Supermoon, on the 14th, early morning, and though I could peg caffeine as the instrument, ther